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What We Do

We work with land and property owners to maximise the financial potential of their assets.

Obtaining planning permission to unlock a site's potential can be very confusing and costly, which makes the generous rewards inaccessible to most people.

However with our knowledge, experience and financial strength, we can help your site's potential become a fruitful reality.

Popular Projects

Garden Development

Do you have a garden that is long enough or wide enough to build additional dwellings on?  If so: we want to hear from you.

Brownfield Sites

This is "land that has been previously developed" and usually consists of ex-commercial property.

End Of Terrace

A popular scheme - We're building houses on the sides of existing houses in short timescales with big rewards...

Jeff Prince


Our Team

Our board of directors have over 50 years combined experience in various aspects of property and construction.

From plot sourcing, design and build, contracting and sub contracting, right through to sales and lettings...

We have the experience, expertise and financial backing to identify opportunities and see them all the way through to completion.

Jubee Ahmed


Scott Partridge



Our Approach





"Great Communication"

We appreciate that your land or property is often the biggest asset that you'll ever own, so we treat it with the utmost respect.

If you can afford to build out a project yourself, then that's exactly what you should do.  However most of the general public don't have the capital, finance or expertise to manage this difficult process by themselves, so their only option is to sell.

Without planning permission however, the land or property is worth MUCH less.


Rather than "low ball" our clients, we believe that there is enough margin in the opportunities we pursue to offer the fair market value for the land, or enter into a "joint venture".  You supply the land, we take care of everything else, then we split the profit at the end.

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